5 perks of protection cover that you may not realise you have

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Alongside the well-known benefits of products such as life insurance or income protection, you may not realise that you also have access to a range of other perks as part of your cover.

From being able to add your children under the same policy for free, to access to cheaper gym memberships, you might be able to save money with perks that you have available.

Here are just five perks of protection cover that you may not have even realised you have.

1. Free cover for children

If you have cover such as a health insurance policy, your provider may allow you to add your children to it for free.

This could be a great perk that allows you to access healthcare quickly and cost-effectively for your children.

In essence, this allows you to buy health insurance for both you and your children, while only having to pay the costs of cover for yourself.

2. Access to a mental health helpline

Mental health has become increasingly important over the past few years, particularly after the long periods of social isolation that many people experienced during lockdowns.

As a result, many health providers now include mental health as an included medical condition on cover such as income protection.

As part of this, some providers also offer a free mental health helpline that you can call to speak to an experienced counsellor if you’re ever struggling.

This can be an invaluable service, so check whether your protection includes this.

3. Gym membership discounts

To encourage those who they’re covering to stay healthy, many health insurance providers offer gym membership discounts to their customers.

Some providers claim to be able to get you as much as 50% off gym memberships if you choose a policy with them.

If you’re already a gym user, this could be great perk that could potentially halve your fitness costs.

4. Access to legal advice

Some kinds of insurance and protection also come alongside free access to legal advice.

Legal fees can quickly rack up, so being able to access a service that lets you get this advice as part of your cover could save you money if you ever need to rely on it.

Even knowing that you have this perk can offer great peace of mind.

5. Funeral cost benefits

If you have a life insurance or a similar policy, your provider may include provisions for paying towards your funeral.

Funerals can be expensive, with estate planning site Farewill putting the average cost at around £5,000.

So, if you do have this benefit in your cover, it could be a useful way to help your family pay for your funeral. This can help to take away a hefty responsibility at what will already be a difficult time.

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