3 ways to enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in style

Edinburgh Fringe Festival bannerBetween 5 and 22 August 2022, the city of Edinburgh will be transformed into a theatrical haven full of artistic delights.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the 75-year old arts festival taking place in the city centre, attracts theatre, music, and nightlife lovers from around the world each summer, with approximately 3 million tickets sold each year.

This year, the Fringe is back with a bang. After its cancellation in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and a reduced event in 2021, the full-scale festival returns this August, bringing with it incredible artists ready to delight audiences.

If you are looking to celebrate the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in style, here are three ways to kick back and relax in Scotland’s capital city this August.

1. Grab your ticket for 100 Songs In An Hour at the Hill Street Theatre

Award-winning musical comedian David Hoare returns to the Fringe this year with an epic attempt: to perform 100 songs in an hour with just his piano.

Performed at Hill Street Theatre at 1.40 on selected afternoons between August 5 and 28, 100 Songs In An Hour will leave you tickled and amazed. Hoare is known for his wit and charm as a performer, as well as being an impressively precise musician with stamina to boot.

You can buy tickets for 100 Songs In An Hour on the Edinburgh Fringe website today.

2. Dine in style at The Perch Restaurant on Hanover Street

Whether you are local to Edinburgh or not, The Perch is an unmissable eatery that could make all the difference to your Fringe experience.

Known for serving fine Scottish cuisine, as well as traditional British and vegetarian dishes, The Perch combines a relaxed dining experience with finely presented plates and hand-picked wine.

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion while at the Fringe – or you simply fancy a lovely meal out with friends – visit The Perch for an unforgettable evening of culinary magic.

3. Explore your inner vaudeville star at Cabaret Voltaire

One of Edinburgh’s most iconic nightlife venues, located in the underground vault systems, Cabaret Voltaire is a must-visit club for dancing and debauchery while at the Fringe.

Whether you like techno, big-name DJs or just want to visit for the incredible atmosphere, Cabaret Voltaire will certainly provide a nightlife experience you won’t forget. Visit the club after seeing a show at the Fringe, or after a dinner at one of Edinburgh’s best restaurants.

Cabaret Voltaire is located on Blair Street, and opens nightly from 7pm.

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