Homeowner Loans – 2nd Charge Mortgages

Additional funds for someone with a mortgage already

If you already have a mortgage and are looking for some extra funds for almost any purpose, including debt consolidation, business funding, gifting to family or clearing tax bills to name just some then a 2nd Charge is going to be worth considering

Some of the lenders we use

Now some of the lenders you may not have heard of, but these are because this market is smaller but just as important.

There is more flexability in the underwriting, an ability to get cases through that would fail with mainstream Mortgage Lenders such as the high street bank for affordability, funds usage or applicants credit history.

Give one of our experts a call and see what the art of the possible is and with rates starting below 3% you might just get a very nice surprise.

A quick call to us on 01313392281 will allow you to find out what sort of repayments you could be looking at and just because your own bank says ‘No’ doesn’t mean someone else can’t say ‘Yes’.