Most homeowners at some stage need to remortgage. This is because nearly all rates offered are over a 2, 3 or 5 year period and our mortgages take longer to clear.

In order to make sure you keep on the most competitive deal you will need to check what the market can offer. To get us to do this click here.

Can I afford to remortgage?

With rates for new borrowers significantly lower than the lenders standard rates we urge all clients to check what rates are available up to 6 months before the end of their previous deal. With high street lenders moving clients from rates at under 2% to standard rates of between 4% & 5% this can be quite a payment shock.

What could it save you?

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Here are the standard rates for some of the largest lenders and it doesn’t matter if you are at 90% loan to value and recently had arrears or are at 60% and have made every payment since you got the loan this is what you will pay. Isn’t it time your rate reflected your circumstances?

Halifax 3.74%piggy bank
RBS / Natwest 3.75%
Santander 4.54%
Nationwide 3.74%
Skipton BS 4.74%
TSB 3.74%


It isn’t just us saying this – here is what moneysavingexpert says about being on SVR and getting a better rate when you can.

Here is the lowest no fee, free remortgage rate that we sourced (in May 2017) for someone who needs an 85% loan to value mortgage of £125,000  1.90%  or less than half some of the rates above (a remortgage at a lower loan to value can get even lower rates).

This is a product with no lenders fees, valuation or standard legal fees to move to from one of the standard rates quoted above.

This money is better in your pocket than the lenders.

So if that has made you think about finding our how much you can save then please complete the details below and we will be in touch to get you a bespoke quote and illustrate the savings available.

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