Bridging / Short Term Finance

A very much changed industry, once seen as a last resort, now many smart property buyers are making use of this to get the right property quickly at the right price. This can be for both Buy to Let investors or for purchasers finding a great property at auction, then we move them on to standard mortgage via remortgage. If you are looking at this, we have good contacts with lenders offering the sharpest rates and more importantly we know the lenders that lend in Scotland.


This part of buying a house is just as important as getting the right broker to find you a deal.  It is because of that we have relationships with local solicitors that can do you a personalised quote, so call us and we can chat to you about the best service and price for you.

Bit why personalised rather than a headline rate to sell? Well in our experience it is because firms with generic prices deliver generic service and we don’t want that for our customers. If you want to know more, call us on 0131 339 2281.

Home & Contents Insurance

You get a mortgage and you have got to get buildings insurance, why not get the best cover at the best price, we are happy to go up against any other provider including meercats and operatic mustaches, because all they are is faceless brokers with advertising instead of the human touch.

Life and/or Critical Illness Insurance, Income Protection or Key Man Insurance

You protect the car, your mobile phone and your suitcase on holiday, why would you not protect the one thing that paid for all of that in the first place, YOU!

We offer advice and recommendation on what level of cover is needed so if you have work benefits, existing policies and a gap why not talk to us about what you need and how much that would cost.

Best of all get added protection of having your cover recommended for you, ok, so why do we say that? Well if you use a comparison site and it turns out you aren’t covered for something you thought you were, it is your look out because those policies can be ‘non advised’ meaning you are on the hook for what you get not them. If we recommend it (and we do!) then you have further peace of mind knowing that the recommendation is backed up by a report explaining why and the cover provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Sometimes the cheapest cover can be the most expensive, get the right advice (and get it for free).

Debt Services

For some people keeping their existing house and getting any finance is they key aim, we have existing relationships with debt management companies throughout the UK and can happily put you in touch with someone to talk over your situation and offer you a solution. We do not carry this service out ourselves.

Pensions & Investments

Got a feeling that your money could be working as hard as you do? Want independent help on getting the right choices for you, we know & recommend a couple of companies for such things as pensions and investments. We do not carry this service out ourselves.