We deliver a service not a product…

..what do we mean? Well, we are not trying to close a deal, we want to gain a client that we can help pay their mortgage off.

What does that mean to you?

  • It means we give impartial advice,  so no cherry picked lenders, no favourites that are easy to place business through and no-one paying our wages expecting targets to be hit. You must always get the best and right product for you.
  • It means an on-going service. You can expect us to ask to be able to recontact you regarding your mortgage deal. Doing this  means we can get in touch as your new rate is finishing to make sure that you have the right deal going forwards, even if that means doing nothing – sometimes that is just the right thing to do.
  • It means time taken to tell you what we are doing, why we are asking the questions we ask and never happier than when you are asking questions, we have the answers and to be honest we like to show them off.
  • It means asking you about what protection you need for this mortgage and your other commitments to make sure that whatever life throws your way, that way you have what you need to deal with whatever comes your way such as illness, loss, accident or unemployment.

And remember that our main job is not just
to get you a mortgage, but also to help you get rid of it.