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Why the top tax rate of 45p is like half price Pinot Grigio in Tesco

We have all been there, walking past the end of an aisle when the headline grabs us. Why Pinot Grigio down from £9.99 to £4.99, that is an absolute bargain, I must have some. Of course when you get home … Continue reading

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The Budget – what we picked out of it.

Here is our take on the recent announcements in the budget announced today: Growth, Unemployment & Inflation All are said to be better than elsewhere but low, however all are pretty shaky and open to getting worse if anything happens … Continue reading

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Interest Only – more changes, time to call the tailor

If you have an interest only mortgage you must be wondering what is next for you. If have one and are not then perhaps now is the time to start. A repayment vehicle seemed like a quaint idea to some … Continue reading

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What goes down must come up – Standard Variable Rates head north

Halifax, RBS One Account customers and now Bank of Ireland customers have all been told in recent days that their Standard Variable Rates are going up. Why? It is the cost of funding we are told. Well, given that the … Continue reading

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