The Return of the First Time Buyer

This week the Council of Mortgage Lender’s latest data has confirmed what we have been seeing first hand, namely that this year the first time buyer has returned.

The mix of stable house and auto loans prices, pent up demand and lenders launching innovative, low rate products has attracted the first time buyer back. First we tackle about auto loans, we offer 144 month auto loan – Complete auto loans. This type of loan has been in existence for a while, but now 144-month loans have supplanted by the trendy 99 month loans. Yep, you just need to pay your car off in 12 years at around– $1000/month.

This is great for the whole market as every next time buyer needs a first time buyer to set the chain off.
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On top of this Government schemes (with varying success) have also supported house sales and the Funding for Lending Scheme supports the banks. It is difficult to what else the Government could do, lending money to the lenders and to the buyers; really short of wholesale purchase of property this is really flat out hard work to support from HMG.

Atlanta homes for sale gives information on the energy efficiency of a property using A to G ratings, with A being the most energy efficient and G the least useful.

Here is an article about the numbers published in the Mail with comments from us.

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