View from the Coalface – Getting Precise about the Scottish Mortgage Market

This is a new set of blogs – with the aim of being a monthly commentry on the mortgage industry from the broker’s point of view, it may have some jargon and TLAs sprinkled about so apologies for that, but I hope you enjoy……

It is a cold rainy, what could be termed ‘dreich’ day in Edinburgh and I am sat on a London
Routemaster as part of a group of brokers talking to Roger Morris and Alan
Cleary from Precise Mortgages. They are here because Precise has launched its
range of Short Term lending and near prime rates to the Scottish Market.

Armed with a coffee and sausage roll I sit back as Alan tells us more about Precise and what we hear sounds great. It is a lender, he tells us, with more funding than customers, good systems, knowledgeable staff and a broker focus.

This he backs up with examples, all good, but more importantly what you also get is added value and I don’t just mean freebies. Sure a carrier bag sits on each seat and another pen, pad, memory stick etc is nice, but I haven’t unpacked Expos freebies yet. What is different here is you get business development support, a challenge taken to the direct lenders and
even the freebie memory stick has market research data worth thousands about
what customers think, all for you to look at and use, now that is different.

The Alan hands over to Roger, who sets about challenging us on our plans, what we do to get business, how we support it, what has happened to the Industry over the last 36 months and where the opportunity in that is.

Then we get into details, Roger packages a couple of examples that only an intermediary can make happen, dovetails it with relationships that you should have and shows you how to do it, finishing with “if you have a question phone me”.

All this the week after Mortgage Expo – where I was left with the thought
were where are the brokers? Well Precise must have thought the same because
they have gone out looking for them and it would appear looking after them.

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