What have the romans,sorry, tweets ever done for us brokers?

What have the romans tweets ever done for us brokers?

I am a huge fan of twitter, its snippet banter, up to the second news. It gives an overall breadth and depth that I would have never imagined possible in 140 characters.

So today it was announced that 66% of Broker tweeps get no business through twitter. Which got me thinking………

This of course means that 1 in 3 have done, so a third have managed to monetise twitter, something that Twitter has failed to do well so for itself. Brokers eh, always ahead of the curve! Kudos to my online broker-brethren, but what has twitter ever done for me?

Well a quick admission, I have had 2 pieces of business this way or put another way a deal for every 600 tweets written and god knows how many read. Which as an hourly rate is rubbish, but hang on I also……

  • Well I have a new website because of @cssgareth who I would never have met but trust with my businesses web presence, that gets me new enquiries pretty much everyday.
  • I have appeared on the BBC website, several national newpapers because I followed @dom_justintime.
  • I keep up to date with the latest news and rate releases (yay!) and last minute withdrawals (yes looking at you Accord & Skipton) through the Mortgage News pushers @myintroducer, @mortgagesols (& many others)
  • I banter with network colleagues up and down the land, sometimes we even chat about mortgages.
  • Watch, comment and chat with the more recognisable names in Mortgages
  • Oh and because I am not a mortgage automaton I have connected with people who share my hobbies, decent wine (I am still waiting for @Timatkin & @robertjoseph to agree on something) and Leeds United (I don’t retweet most of these ‘cos of the language, but I feel far closer to Elland Road every Sat that I don’t go – which is far too many)

So as someone with only 250 or so followers and spending a few choice minutes here and there I get great value out of twitter and consider it electronic networking without the over earnest ‘get something out’ that dominate some of the networking meetings I have been to. And to the 66% still waiting, it’ll come and from somewhere you dont expect, but if you only follow brokers and mortgage types then it will be much more difficult like in all lead generating you need to meet new people and that is very easy with twitter.

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